Cleaning a screen during Phase I shovel testing in Oklahoma.

At ARG, we pride ourselves on maintaining an excellent safety record.

  • ARG has a comprehensive safety plan comprising 16 different programs which:

        1. Comply with OSHA requirements and regulations

        2. Have fully passed ISNetworld's RAVS process

  • All of our projects are conducted in accordance with these regulations.
  • All ARG employees are certified in First Aid and CPR.
  • All ARG employees are equipped with the following Personal Protective Equipment in the field:

Side-impact hard hats - Reflective safety vests - Safety-toe boots - Eye and hearing protection - Weather radios - 2-way radios - Cell phones

  • All ARG field vehicles are furnished with the following safety equipment:

First aid kits - Flashing beacons - Road flares - Fire extinguishers -  Flashlights - Safety cones and triangles