Public Outreach

TransCanada's Keystone Pipeline


In the winter of 2009, ARG conducted Phase III mitigation at four sites for TransCanada's Keystone Pipeline (see right). As part of the agreement with U.S. Department of State, ARG developed a public outreach campaign in order to inform the public about the archaeological remains recovered, analyzed, and interpreted at each site. As part of the public outreach campaigh, ARG made brochures about each of the four sites. Links to these brochures are below.


25CD86/89 - Prehistoric Base Camp Site (Woodland Period) in Cedar County, Nebraska

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23CH348 - Prehistoric Base Camp Site (Middle to Late Woodland) in Chariton County, Missouri

View 23CH348 pdf

23LN1379 - Prehistoric Field Camp Site (Woodland Period) in Lincoln County, Missouri

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11MS17 - Prehistoric Site (Late Woodland/Mississippian) in Madison County, Illinois

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